Corporate Awards

Ramax offers one of the largest selections of corporate awards and trophies online. The materials we work with will continue to expand and currently includes crystal, glass, metal, marble and wood concepts.

Name Badges

Ramax can create the highest quality engraved name badges available. With our extensive manufacturing abilities, we are able to provide quality engraved name tags at a lower price than our competitors.

Volunteer Achievement

Everyone likes to be recognized for their efforts and accomplishments, especially volunteers. We can create crystal, glass, wood or metal plaques and awards for any occasion.

Engraveable Gifts

Allow us to presonalize your gifts to create life-long memories. We can custom engrave the most challenging items with your personal message to create the ideal gift idea

Awards are given to show recognition of a person’s achievement and outstanding performance in their line of work. Corporate plaques are usually given at special corporate events. Corporate plaques are made of glass, acrylic, metal plates, laminated, wood or resin and available in different shapes and sizes. These plaques come in many finishes including piano wood, walnut, cherry, glass, mirror and mahogany.

Ramax offers unique corporate award plaques, sports award plaques or presentation and recognition plaques. We also offer unique Ribbons individually or in bulk for any occasion. Designers can integrate personal photos and select photos to create unique, one-of-a-kind items.

Online Deals

Some may consider ribbons and buttons novelty items or novelty awards. These recognition awards are highly-personalized to the recipient’s qualities, personality, special traits or outstanding attitude. Photos, personal quotes and quips, company or organization’s logo, motivational messages, or inspiring images can be conveniently integrated into the design of the ribbons and buttons. There are many different styles, shapes and sizes.

Name Badges can also be personalized with logos, facial images and icons to suit your needs. Name Badges are a great way to identify employees and their position within your organization and for volunteers at fundraising events.

Ramax offers an innumerable array of lapel pins, ribbons and buttons for any recognition event or as special gifts or awards. They are crafted in creative and artistic ways making them just the perfect item for honoring or paying tribute to important people.

Premuim Ribbons
per hundred

We offer a large selection of identification ribbons, including an extended selection of volunteer ribbons.  Identification ribbons are available as stack-a-ribbons® (horizontal ribbons) and as tail type ribbons (vertical ribbons).

Name Badges
per dozen

A name badge not only goes by many names but a truly effective one is also made up of several parts. Name tags create networking opportunities at a meeting, event or conference. Ramax offers Name Badges for all occasions.

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